Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure Music

Ooohkaaay, So it hasn’t been too long yet since my last post, right? So, I’ll cut straight to it. Yes folks, this is my guilty pleasure list. The songs that when other people are around, I pretend that I hate them stating they are too overplayed, too feminine or too “pop”py for a guy like me to be listening to. I don’t want them suspecting that in reality, when alone, I’ve spent hours singing these songs over and over and over thrashing my head while trying to hit all the high falsetto parts. I literally feed off these songs and feel that I have to listen to them at least once every other week in order for my soul to stay intact.

Song one, Game of Love. So as I was listening to this song to figure out just why I like this song so much, I was kind of at a lost for a sec. First, nope, not a Santana fan. I actually don’t like him at all. Sure, sure, he’s good on the guitar, but too much showy crap. Do I like the lyrics, no, not really. The only part that I can sing is “a little bit of this, a little bit of that, (jumbled mumbling right here cause I never remember the lyrics here), a little bit of this, a little bit of that.” So what is it about this song that has me singing an octave above middle C while trying to move my hips at an attempt to salsa? It’s those melodic Major Seventh Chords. If you don’t know what a major seventh chord is, go listen to Kiss Me on the playlist and listen to the second chord. I call this chord the “Love” Chord due to the fact that my heart feels like it just received a big dream kiss every time I hear one.  As a matter of fact, I think that’s why I like Put your Record on by Corrinne Bailey Rae too. I love girls and major 7th chords. They make a great combo together.

I Miss You by Blink-182 takes me back to high school being stuck in a car with Sara Last and Juje Gifford on the way back from an AP Bio Lab. These girls were fighting over the fact of whether or not they were singing “head”, or “yed.” I don’t remember who was arguing which, but I’m going with the “Yed” on this one. As a matter of fact, I’m of the opinion that that’s why this song became so popular. Even though they’re American and they sing with American accents, turn one word British and you’ve got a smashing hit on your hands. Works for me, I’ll be singing this song till I’m no longer right in the yed to sing it.

If the songs Lovefool and Kiss Me were people, I would marry them on the spot. I used to freak out every time they came on the radio and when I was able to finally lay a hand on these songs, I would stay up late listening to these two songs back and forth, back and forth pretending my current crush was singing it to me. My fantasy usually went along the lines of me saving the girl with my secret karate/wizard skills I had been keeping secret, and then, so overcome with pure infatuation, love, and hormones, she would take me to her dilapidated tree house and sing me one of these two songs late into the night. And you wonder why these are my guilty pleasure songs.

Last and most recently, I LOVE PRETTY GIRL ROCK!!! Even better than the song, is the music video. Not really a Keri Hilson fan but I find her incredibly attractive when dressed up as one of The Supremes. I can honestly say (not without a lot of shame though) that I have watched this video over 40 times. And yes, I can almost do the dance she does on the third costume change, booty bumpin’ and all. If you wanna watch the music video, just click here.

Well, that wraps this up. I feel like I’ve kind of revealed a big piece of myself here. Feel free to comment below about your guilty pleasure songs, but if you dare make fun of mine, I’ll find you and make you listen to them so much that you won’t be able to get them out of your Yed!


  1. I KNEW Pretty Girl Rock would be on here. And I guessed Kiss Me as well. Haha....good list.

  2. Oh....and LoveFool....I thought of that one too. The kids at the home were listening to a different version of that earlier today. I immediately thought of you.