Monday, June 27, 2011

Pogo Pogo Pogo

As I was doing my daily youtube scan hoping for a new good failblog, I happened upon this shining gem of a music artist. Pogo, from Perth Australia, cuts and splices sound clips he takes from childhood movies many of us were raised on such as Mary Poppins, Sleeping Beauty, and Alice in Wonderland creating a mellow electronic blend of sounds. I was immediately addicted and have been listening to his tunes over and over on my droid. Although I'm not a huge fan of electronic stuff, I really can't get enough of the chill music pogo creates. When I first started listening, I thought there were lyrics I was supposed to be understanding. Definitely not the case. Pogo basically just clips and puts in the notes regardless of what the person is really saying making it truly a musical montage. This first video, Bloom, is a smattering of clips from 4 or five different classic Disney films that I feel shows off well what this guy is capable of doing.

This second one completely stunned me. I had been raised in a very musically inclined family with a mother always telling us kids that anyone can produce a tone. Even when we talk, if we were to hold out a syllable, we could produce specific notes on a scale.  Pogo took that logic with this next song, by taking the first LOTR movie and finding pure tones in the character's dialogue and connecting them in such a way to produce quite the entertaining tune.

K, well, I would post more of his videos here just cause I really can't get enough of him but I'll let you find his other stuff yourself if you're interested in him. Other songs I recommend are Wishery (Snow White Clips and my personal favorite), UPular(Pixar's Up), and Expialadocious. Also, you can visit his site and blog at and download his music for a price you feel comfortable with( you literally can choose how much you wanna pay). Signing Off.